The Wood Industry

As a dedicated manufacturer of conveyor belts worldwide, Dongyi Belting supplies a wide range of wood industry conveyor belts, purposely designed for the solid wood processing like industrial furniture manufacturing and the production lines for engineered wood products like MDF/HDF, OSB, plywood, particle board. Our full range belting solutions would meet your requirements for different processing, including forming line, pre-press line, wood sanding machine etc..

Forming Line Belt

- Easy release

- Chemical resistance

- Abrasion & wear resistance

- Small pulley diameter


- Aramid reinforced stable structure

- High elongation strength

- Abrasion & wear resistance

Ventilation Belt

- Permanent antistatic finish

- Non-fraying with sealed edges

- Rapid installation with spiral lace

- Good lateral stability  

- Abrasion & wear resistance

Sanding Belt

- Exact positioning and stability

- Abrasion & wear resistance

- High grip patterns

- Exact positioning and stability