The Printing Blanket

Benefit from the years of field experience and the close cooperation with OEMs and textile printing end users, Dongyi Belting has developed extensive variety of solutions for our printing blankets with different features. These printing blankets are widely used for flat-bed, rotary screen, and digital printing machines, with high printing accuracy, excellent chemical resistance, high performance-price ratio and quick installation.

Technical Data PB20/1EH PB40/2EHK PB60/3K
Material TPU TPU TPU
Number of plies 1 2 3
Colour Black Black Black
Fabrics Polyester (PET) Polyester/Aramid Aramid
Thickness 2.1 mm 2.6 mm 2.6 mm
Tension for 1% elongation 20 N/mm 40 N/mm 60 N/mm
Minimum roller diameter 80 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Maxmum width 3200 mm 3500 mm 3500 mm
Application Flat-bed printing,for high speed and long system Flat-bed printing with max.50mtr belt length Flat-bed printing
Rotary printing
Rotary printing Rotary printing Digital printing

Wear resistance

High temperature resistance

Chemical resistance

Precise positioning and repeat accuary