Conveyor Belts

As a dedicated manufacturer, fabricator, and solution- provider of conveyor belts worldwide, Dongyi Belting supplies a wide range of conveyor belts, covering standard synthetic belts, seamless rubber belts, polyester mesh belts etc.. Our extensive product range would offer you the optimal conveying solutions for a great variety of industries and applications.

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PVC Conveyor Belts

PVC conveyor belts have a polyester fabric as a core, PVC plastic covering, conveying light weight or medium weight of a type of conveyor belt. PVC conveyor belt is best suitable for materials handling, bakery production applications, and meat, fish, and dairy processing.

TPU Conveyor Belts

TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is an ideal material for food processing applications, compared with PVC, due to its optimal performance of oil/grease resistance, long serve life and without toxic plasticizer migration. Dongyi Beltech TPU belts can be made of different kinds of TPU polymers to offer various properties, including: hydrolysis resistance, anti-microbial property, high temperature resistance, cutting resistance.

PE Conveyor Belts

The smooth surfaces guarantee an optimum level of hygiene, makes cleaning easy and prevents bacterial growth. Made from Polyethylene materials, the PE conveyor belts offer excellent resistance to detergent products.

Polyethylene have an excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkaline and is thus suitable for conveyor belts, operating in Tobacco industry.

Solid Woven Belts

Solid Woven belt is originated from North America for the rough working conditions like seaport, mine, grain processing etc., which is impregnated or coated with rubber material, and then gradually become an industry standard all over the world, but mainly for the Solid Woven PVC belts. 

Dongyi Belting supply a wide range of solid woven belts, impregnated/coated with PVC or PU materials, providing excellent tear, impact, cut resistance and dimensional stability. It has been an ideal alternative for many applications like logistics, automobile, recycling and others.

Silicon Conveyor Belts

Silicone conveyor belt is a common belt coated by silicone substrates, which allow for excellent stick resistance and high temperature processing. It is mostly for cooling production line, for example: caramel, nougat, dough or chewing gum.