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who understands your industry and conveying needs.

The predecessor of Dongyi Belting was launched in 1999 in Shanghai, China. During that time, Dongyi Belting begins the fabrication of light duty conveyor belts and accessories, to meet the needs of the tobacco, textile industry for China domestic market. More than 20 years later, we have become to a recognized manufacturer, fabricator of light duty conveyor belts and accessories. With our extensive range of conveyor belts and accessories, we serve various kinds of applications and industries, including: tobacco, textile, food, wood, logistics, sports etc., with customized and creative solutions around the world.

Today, we are still dedicated to the improvement to continuously complete and optimize our products range to meet the new challenges and industry conveying needs.

Quality Control

Dongyi Belting has an outstanding quality control team. From raw materials to production, from delivery to installation and after-sales, our team control and track the belt quality in every step, to meet the requirements of customers and applications.

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Quick Response

Our outstanding technical support and service team would be happy to answer your questions and provide you world-class technical support and service, throughout your entire process, from concept and planning, to design, installation, and maintenance.  And when customers have any problems and needs, we can respond in time and ensure that customers can receive instant answer and speedily service..

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Customized solutions

Our experienced sales team and innovative engineering team understand your industry and the conveying needs. They are ready to work with you to engineer the best customized belting solutions for your most challenging and specific production needs. 

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