Conveyor Belt Accessories

Apart from the full range of conveyor belts, Dongyi also supplies the corresponding accessories, including: cleats, guide ropes, sidewalls, mechanical fasteners etc. . These accessories can be fabricated on top or underneath the belt, to optimize belt performance to meet different application conveyance needs. All the accessories like cleats, guide ropes, sidewalls, mechanical fasteners are available in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes etc.. Contact your sales representative to find the proper accessories for your application.


Cleats is mostly fabricated transversely on top side of the belt to improve efficiency and capacity for inclined or declined conveying.In addition to the standard extruded cleats, Dongyi also manufactures the fabric-reinforced cleats for the most demanding application needs like excellent impact and ripping resistance, high transverse rigidity etc..

Guide Rope

Guide ropes are mostly fitted on the running side of conveyor belts to reduce the lateral forces. This could prevent the off-tracking in the applications like long narrow belts or high-speed or side loaded conveying. They can be also fabricated on top side of belt in different layout for the function like cleats & sidewalls.
The guide ropes are available in PVC, PU material with different dimensions, hardness and colors. The notched version is also available to provide maximum flexibility for small pulley diameters.


Sidewalls are fabricated in corrugated shape on the belts sides to prevent products spillage. Sidewalls are often used with cleats for the incline or decline conveying for the bulk goods in a wide range of applications. They could efficiently improve the carrying flow without spillage.
Dongyi supplies sidewalls in PVC & PU material in various colors, thickness, heights with excellent flexibility to allow small pulley diameters. The fabric reinforced sidewalls are also available for high tearing & wearing resistance requirement. 


Fastener is a fast way to make the conveyor belt joint in a convenience way, it widely applies to the logistics industry, power plant, cement, port area and other fields which has conveyor belt.
Dongyi Belting have a wide type of steel fasteners to match the joint situation of conveyor belt in different applications.